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LED Light Source Enertech

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Enertech launches it's new generation Technology of LED Light Source, which is revolution in lighting Technology.

It has got numerous advantages as compared with traditional Halogen or Xenon Light Source.

  • Powerful Bright White Light.
  • Digital User Interference for Intensity control.
  • Used hours totalliser for usage data of long life.

Advantages of using LED Light Source:

  • Long Life Span
    An LED's life span is up to 50,000 hours
  • Cost Saving
    In addition to reduced energy bills, LED last atleast 20 times longer than traditional xenon or halogen light. Saving are realized from 19 fewer purchase and from reduced maintenance costs.
  • Energy Saving
    LED light saves up to 80% of energy consumption.
  • Low Heat
    LED is solid, and there is no filament and glass. So LED produced very low heat which reduced the risk of peripheral burns. eg. Telescopes or fibre optic cables etc..
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